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§1 Officers Team

a) Officers Team: Fazzikus, Krellyn, lukker/myyn
b) Raid Leaders: Alentha, Alimora, mackster
c) Guild Leader: Alentha
d) DKP Admin: Lukker, Alentha (alimora)

[color=#0080FF]§2 Guild [/color]

a) Try to keep guild chat friendly - of course criticism/discussion is going to happen - but please try to keep it civil

b) If you really need to vent your anger- or discuss any other issues - do it via /tell to one of the Officers - please don't insult people in public.

c) Help each other please! No one is forced, but it helps both the guild and the individual progression of our members, and enhances the game and guild experience.

§3 Members

a) Members within the Guild have the follow Ranks:
Raidmain, Raidalt, Main, Alt, Applicant.
Raiding roster: Raidmains/Raidalts and Applicants (if they have the proper level and aim to be part of our Raiding roster)

b) All members must agree to have their chars inspected on Officers or raidleaders request. If the player refuses, his loot rights will be frozen until he complies with the request.

c) All raiding members are required to keep their listed raiding chars free of lockouts for all raid targets on our current raid target list. Players are required to facilitate their own lockout potions if they have acquired a lockout outside of cobra on their raindmain/raidalt. We would appriciate people having a lockout potion avialble themsels, this would speed up doing targets twice in one week.

d) For the Raidmains and people wanting to become raidmain: you are not allowed to do anything else (like pug/crafting etc, alting) during official guild raids (24ppl). You are expected to be with the raid or available for buffing - even if the raid is full. If the raid is full, and no spot is likely to open, you can request an officer / raidleader to be released from the raid, if confirmed you are free to do as you wish.

e) Members are not allowed to join other raiding guilds with their alts, nor will we take alt applicants from other guilds. For raiding guild we draw the line at guilds raiding content released after apw.

f) For Members that are MIA for a long time without notice, reasons will be investigated after 1 month of absence. If no good reasons are found for it, the Member will be demoted, and eventually removed from the guild. Frequent forum updates can prevent this (ever 2/3 weeks minimum)

g) Applicants start their trial time when they join the guild. The trial period takes until the Officers Team gives the ok to start the final vote, but at least 3 weeks. During this trial period we want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us, so you must be active on our boards and chats. After the trial period, full members will vote for or against an app. In order to pass the trial you need 85% positive votes with no more than 3 negative. No votes must be motivated in the thread of via pm to an officer.

h) To progress from the member rank into the raidmain rank we have a few guidelines (it says guidelines on purpose, and we don’t mean rules). You will be discussed for promotion if you hit one or more of the following marks
Do at least 70% of the dps of the classes highest performer
show behavior above expectation
Flag for the chamber of life quest (5 pieces of pota t3)

At this point several guild member selected for the job will discuss if the ability and performance of the character are up to the Raidmain standards. The evaluation criteria are:

Raid activity and attendance:
Ablity to follow raid instructions and demonstrate a valuable contribution to the raid
Input to discussions with ideas and strategies (either via forum or appropriate times in raid)
30 day raid attendance above 50% at the point of evaluation If not attending, afk posts are made, before or during the raid when possible.

Character and class:
DPS Classes: Dps within acceptable margin's (50% for class) and aggro managed accordingly
Tank Classes: Ability to tank and hold agro on basic raid mobs, demonstrates tanking awareness/positioning and rescues etc
Healing Classes: Ability to heal assigned targets, spot and cross-healing skills observed

All Classes: Actively seeks feedback and demonstrates the will to improve personal progression.
Knows which items they should roll on and are willing to help others
Respect for the people in charge during the raid.
Does not cause major disturbances during the raid, that can negatively effects the raids morale or performance.

§4 Raiding Chars

a) Members are expected to Raid with their raid mains, unless other arrangements have been made with the Raidleader. You can request to play your Raidalt, Raidleader will decide if it fits the situation.

b) Applicants that want to raid should show up with the character they wish to be their main, Raidleader will decide if a spot is available. Applicants are sometimes asked to sit out in favor of better geared players.

c) Raidmains with low attendance (33% of official raids attendance and lower) may have their status changed by the Officer Team.

d) On request to the Officers Team, Raidmains only are allowed to set up a Raidalt, if they have high enough attendance on their main (at least 55%) and if the alt is T3 Pota geared at GWs step or beyond. You are expected to have mastered the Raidalt class, and be able to perform all tasks a Raidmain would. This includes different encounter strategies for different arch types. In general a we prefer raidalts to be a different archetype then raidmains.

e) The raid force always comes first. In some situation you may be asked to play an alt for the good of the encounter.

f) During official raids, bringing alts is only allowed with the Raidleader permission.
Buff bots (2nd accounts) Are accepted to join the raid when there is room.

g) Your spot in the raid is only valid for your Raidmain, you cannot substitute yourself your alt / raidalt as long as there are other people waiting for a raid spot. Player’s mains will always have preference.

§5 Loot

a) All gear or quest items resulting in gear will be auctioned for DKP. On seriously outdated loot, or on loot not worth 10 dkp, raidleaders can lift the dkp bid and call a /random. (this will not happen often)

b) Minimum bid is 10 DKP. Only character that participated in the kill or were there to support the raid (sitting out) are allowed to bid (when possible)

c) Your only allowed to go negative dkp if no one else has an interest in the item, the minimum bid is still 10.

d) Applicants can bid up to 30 DKP (unless they bid against each other, then they can bid as much they have), Raidalts allowed to bid half available DKP in raids and there is no restriction for Raidmains.

e) Alts that will have been allowed to join a raid can only bid 10 DKP if an item is going to rot, if more than one alt is interested they can bid vs eachother up to 50% of max dkp.

f) UR resources are auctioned in the forum.

g) Quest items are given out by an order announced by Raidleader (usually depending by status of player or progression within quests).

h) You can only bid on loot which you can use. We expect people to be sensible regarding loot and also take the benefit of the Guild as a whole into account (for example by passing on minor upgrades in favour of someone for whom it is a major upgrade). Loot is the reward of raiding for individuals - but to progress as a guild - we need to gear up everyone to appropriate level as fast as possible. Abusing DKP for random bidding on items and or totally inappropriate bidding will result in a warning from an officer and/or DKP penalty.

i) Officers / Raidleaders can stop an RaidAlt/Alt from bidding vs mains if they feel the item is of high importance to the raid. Purple items are watched more carefully.

j) Rot loot: if no Raid Mains / Mains / Applicants are interested in the loot, items are considered rot loot. There will be a second “rot” bid. The following rules apply to that:

The member must have a current pool of 100 DKP or more.
Applicants Ranks will not be able to bid on rot loots for Alts.
Main Ranks bids will start at 5 DKP.
Raid Mains bids will start at 1 DKP

§6 Status changes

a) Mains who want to become Raidmains need to apply for status change to the Officers Team. Based on need for the class and behavior, the Officers Team may decide to change the status of the member.

b) Swapping Raidmain and Raidalt needs approval from the Officers Team. Half of the current DKP will be wiped with that action. No other Status change will be allowed for 9 months after. If current DKP is below 200 a fix amount of 100 DKP will be removed.

c) Swapping Alt and Raidalt has to be discussed by the Officers Team. Depending on need for the class, gear, attendance and behavior, the Officers Team may allow the change. There will be no other Status change allowed for 9 months after.

d) There will be no direct swap from Alt to Raidmain.

e) A Raidmain can decide to remove his Raidalt but he will not be allowed to add a new Raidalt within 9 months.

f) Switching from Raidmain to Main is possible anytime - just ask the Officers Team - but remember it means you won’t be on the raiding roster anymore! If you have a Raidalt, his Status will be changed to Alt. To change back, you will need to apply for status change to the Officers Team.

g) Officers can demote someone from the Raidmain status if they no longer qualify the Raidmain criteria.

§7 Raid

a) You will earn 3 DKP each hour of raid (you will need to be online 40 minutes of 60 minutes minimum to gain 3 dkp). You need to be present and available for raids, or if there is no room in the raid, fulfill other task benefiting the raid ea. Push diplo, spawn spider, get sparkles meat.

b) Off day raid targets will not earn any dkp
Participating in the sister event will be rewarded with 3 dkp for the whole event.

c) You won't earn DKP if you’re afk for more than 20 minutes at a time.

d) Unannounced AFK will result in the loss of one hour DKP. (we call these ninja afk’s) You can prevent this by simply typing afk in guild chat or pm to a Raidleader

e) Raidleader can always decide to exclude people if they are not sufficiently geared or of sufficient level/ability for the target in question or if people have inadequate behavior.

f) Official Raid times can be found in the in the Guild Message of the Day (MOTD). Currently: Sunday 19:00-23:00 CET, Monday and Wednesday 20:00-23:00 CET.

g) People are expected to know their DKP before the raid starts. We will not pause the bidding for DKP checks nor will Officers check if you have sufficient DKP. If you bid more than allowed DKP (100% as main, 50% as raiding alt etc) the Officers Team can impose sanctions, rating from DKP penalty to loot exclusion for a period of time/certain items.

h) Guests can be invited by Officers if spots in raid are available and there is a good reason - such as potential recruit - special class etc. Guests will be able to loot an item if it's rotting.

§8 DKP Decay

a) There will be a DKP decay of 10% of the current DKP every month.
b) Uneven results will be rounded up.
c) Decay will be done in the last Raid free days of each month.

All rules might be adjusted to the guild's current needs at any time.

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