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 Post subject: Another month, another tale of victory!
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Another month, another tale of victory
We are now in march, and if you read last month´s news you can probably guess that the guild is in a very happy place right now. Not only, did we get to post our coveted picture of a slain Tharridon, we also got to post a picture of a slain Alagan ( world first ). It does not stop there though… we have greater news still.

They said it was broken, they said it was to hard ,they said he was unkillable…
But just last night Cobra got another world first kill! This time of Overlord Tyrious, this led us to be the first guild in Vanguard to complete the City of Brass questline. Three fresh world discovery on items aswell plus the ear ring reward discos ( soon on Xanadu database ), we can now call ourselves the Kings of CoB haha! The fight was pure joy to learn and defeat as a friend in guild said a while back in slightly different words though, What is better than getting new challenging content to sink your teeth into alongside your friends? Could not agree more, friends and challenge that is what it is all about.

Overlord.jpg [ 78.68 KiB | Viewed 3944 times ]

On a more general note, with two new raid encounters and a lot of CoB progress, it is quite easy to say the guild is doing great! We repeated our feat the week after our Tharridon first so now both he and Alagan are regulars on the raiding schedule. Some of our newer members have really been flying through PoTA, it is great to see such motivation, as our vets have flown through CoB. On the agenda for the coming month as we now have forged our own way through the City, is making sure that those who want to finish CoB gets through it. In order to defeat the last undefeated mob currently in game, the 12 man encounter Toriam El Dianobis.

Our raidforce is very strong at the moment, so openings are limited, however if you came across our page and read this, we do want a Bloodmage main and could use another Ranger. Old friends and exceptional players never hesitate to drop a line =)

Until next month, best wishes to all our friends and members!
// Mackster

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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